Okahoma has been active in the foreign trade business since 1993. working with the help of worldwide suppliers and customers. Our services vary from cost researches and initial contacts with potential exporters and importers, to the actual export or import. We are also responsible for hiring any services necessary to insure that the material reaches its destination. Some of our responsibilities include: inland and international transportation, customs clearance, international insurance, Letter of Credit emission and payment exchange in the currency of the exporter Country.

International market development - Okahoma also provides personal assistance in international market development. It includes: viability analysis, international product image and coordination of the entire export process, for Companies that do not have their own Export Department.

OKAHOMA is also able to import or export in its own name. While coordinating the orders of our customers, we supply them with a complete follow-up of all orders, as well as periodical reports, all based upon the needs of our clients.

Our team, as well as my e-mail address, is available for contacts, should you wish to request any additional information.

With best regards,

Rodolfo Pepe